Our advanced-level AGX Hearing technology is designed for individuals who lead casual lifestyles and whose listening environments include occasional background noise.

Casual lifestyles typically include activities such as regular group conversation, frequent television, quiet restaurant dining, small meetings, family gatherings, driving, shopping trips, movies, and weekly church services.

More Natural Sound Quality
AGX7 technology is based on an advanced understanding of how human hearing works. It features digital technology that processes and amplifies sounds in independent channels. By processing sound this way, the AGX7 can be better customized to the specifics of your hearing loss. Our professionals will program each of these channels individually to help minimize your experience of Sound Voids. Think of it as offering the precision and accuracy of a graphic sound equalizer, rather than a limited volume, treble, or bass control.

Noise Reduction
The AGX7’s noise-reduction technology reduces distracting background sounds, both quiet and loud, that make it so difficult to communicate using less advanced hearing systems. Noise-reduction technology helps to limit the amount of noise you hear, so that important sounds (such as speech) are not overpowered.

Automatic Directionality
The advanced technology employed in automatic directionality allows you to concentrate on the sounds that are in front of you while turning down the sounds from the sides and back, which make it difficult to communicate.

Reaction Technology
Reaction technology is the basis of the AGX7′s outstanding performance and flexibility. Your hearing system will monitor your listening environments continuously, detect and analyze changes, and adapt to new conditions within milliseconds. All this helps to ensure that you don’t miss any important communication.

Feedback Cancellation
Feedback cancellation ensures proper amplification of the sounds you want to hear without the annoyance of a whistle or squeal, which can distract you and those around you.
AGX7s come in a variety of fitting styles, including Invisible-in-the-Canal options, to suit your hearing and lifestyle needs. Stay on top of your communications at work, at home, and at dinner with your friends. Together with EarCare hearing specialist, we can tailor a hearing solution to your life so you don’t miss a beat.