What Are the Hearing Needs of Your Lifestyle?

Are you having trouble hearing in restaurants? In work meetings? On the phone? Perhaps you are having trouble understanding at church, or hearing the voices of your grandchildren at family gatherings?

A critical part of our three-step examination process involves determining what specific listening environments are most important to you, so that our experienced audiologists can recommend and fine-tune the right hearing aids for what it is that you want to hear.

Active Lifestyle

A variety of video & audio entertainment
Diverse restaurant dining
Sporting events
Outdoor activities
Demanding careers

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Casual Lifestyle

Family gatherings
Weekly church services
Engaging conversation
Television watching
Quiet restaurant dining
Personal business meetings

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Quiet Lifestyle

Friends and family over occasionally
Occasional music listening
Occasional television watching
Quiet shopping trips
Worship gatherings

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Very Quiet Lifestyle

Activities in and around the home
Hardly any television watching
Small religious services

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