To perform your best, you need to hear your best. Stage performers are routinely exposed to hearing damage from both amplifiers and stage monitors, which must be turned up to potentially harmful levels so they can be heard above the music. Our inside-the-ear musician’s monitors replace traditional wedge monitors with precise, isolated sound delivered directly to you, so you can stay in tune and perform your best.

Today, professional musicians know that the superior fit and sound quality of in-ear monitors provide clarity and effective sound monitoring at much lower volume levels, meaning you can hear and perform your best while protecting your hearing from prolonged exposure to speakers. This form of protection preserves one of the most precious resources musicians have: the ability to hear clearly.

Years of research and development have led to the creation of our custom in-ear monitors — the most feature-rich monitors available. Built around our unmatched custom-fitting system, our monitors incorporate multiple drivers, precision-engineered crossovers, a replaceable cable system, and built-in subminiature flat-response microphones in a speaker system so clear and rich, you can pick out every nuance of the music you play.

Receive ambient sounds through your monitors. Easily control the mix from your wireless belt pack. Hear as much or as little stage sound as you need to keep up with your band mates, while experiencing the most accurate, comfortable, and discreet stage monitoring available in a package that is comfortable, lightweight, and dependable.

Manufactured from soft, medical-grade silicone, our in-ear monitors are comfortable to wear for extended periods and form a perfect acoustic seal that ensures the sound you’re receiving is precise. Close fitting, available in custom colors and finishes —these monitors are the perfect uniquely fit connection between you, your music, and your performance.

We also offer universal-fit monitors that feature the same great electronics as our other monitors, in a more affordable package. These monitors still engage the ear with a snug, sound-isolating fit with the same incredible clarity. Ideal for both personal listening and live performances, our universal-fit monitors incorporate shielded electronics and Kevlar-reinforced connections to ensure durability. These monitors can also replace the sound-blocking filters in your current earplugs, allowing you to upgrade to a pair of custom-fit monitors if you choose.

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