Hearing Care Professional Team at EarCare

Home Care – The old-fashioned way

For patients who cannot come to offices easily, EarCare provides a one-of-a-kind Home Care Audiology Program. The initial visit will be performed by a licensed hearing instrument specialist and will be billed directly to the patient for $45.

The patient will receive the following during the initial visit: an otoscopic exam for wax or infection; a hearing evaluation and recommendations; hearing device cleaning, if needed; hearing device programming, if needed; and hearing device education.

Our Services to You

At EarCare, our goal is to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of life’s precious moments. That’s why we make every effort to listen to you and your particular concerns and needs.

Purchase of Hearing Devices

Hearing devices may be recommended, and the recommendation will be based on the patient’s current hearing loss, mobility issues, living situation, individual listening environments, and preferences. The price range for hearing devices runs from $1,500 to $3,500 per device. Normally, most of our house-call patients need lower-end technology because of their quiet lifestyle. A hearing device purchase will include the fitting visit and a series of follow-up visits in the patient’s home for training and any adjustments needed, as well as a 60-day adjustment period

Hearing Device Adjustment on Future Visits After 30-Day Adjustment Period

If a hearing device adjustment or other hearing service is needed for an existing patient outside of the trial period, the charge will be $25 for one of our providers to come to the patient’s home to provide this service.